This review aims to develop new insights about cultural activism as a means of claiming space and building place-identities in communities. As this is an under-explored area of research and scholarship, the review will build a foundation and conceptual framework for future research. This new line of enquiry will be based on an examination and synthesis of literatures on cultural activism, community activism and creative practice, and place-identities.

Through this work, the review seeks to inform the future shape, focus and priorities of the connected communities programme. In terms of specific objectives, the review will develop a conceptualisation of cultural activism reflecting the kinds of actors involved; nature and forms of creative practices (eg clowning, poetry, murals, etc.); political and social objectives pursued; and the relationships between activism and ‘place’.

The study is led by Michael Buser and Jane Arthurs at UWE, Bristol. Michael can be contacted at Michael.Buser (at) uwe.ac.uk